Summertime in the 518 is when everyone is living their best life!  From Lake George to Latham, the Adirondacks to SPAC, we have it all right here in our backyard.  If you've lived here for any extended period of time, you know there are certain things about the way we do Summer that make us uniquely different from other cities.  Here are 9 ways you know it's Summer in 518.

  • The day you decide to go up to Saratoga the city is having a flea market, a 5k race, it’s giveaway day at the track, and Luke Bryan is performing that night.  And you’re backed up in traffic all the way down the Latham.
  • You’re on the Northway cursing out vacationers from Quebec who are some of the most inconsiderate drivers on the planet.
  • You spot these same vacationing men from the country north of ours - in their teeny thongs - at the beaches and pools in Lake George.
  • You take your friends advice and watch the Albany fireworks from their favorite spot…and the view sucks.
  • August starts off blazingly hot and by the end of he month we’re already pulling out our hoodies at night, and worse, starting to 'pumpkin spice' all the things.
  • The two Doughboy's that seemed like a great idea at 2:30 AM becomes a horrible idea at 3:30 AM.
  • You realize that it costs as much to take your family to a Yankee or Red Sox game as it does a Caribbean Cruise.
  • You can’t name a single player on the Tri-City Valleycats except Southpaw.
  • Guptill's Ice Cream: you just haaaaave to taste it!


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