There is a massive recall of dresser drawers that could cause death. Over three hundred thousand dressers are under the recall. Here's what you need to know. According to, there are three hundred thousand check drawers that are being recalled because one fell on a two year old and it resulted in death. If the drawers aren't properly anchored to the wall, it could fall on a child, trapping, injuring or possibly killing them.

The Libra style three drawer chests of drawers we sold at, and from October 2009 through July 2018 at a price of sixty dollars. Each set of drawers weighs about fifty six pounds.

You are able to chose one of the options for the recall. You can get a full refund and someone will come pick it up for free. You can remove the drawer sides from one side and receive a prepaid shipping label for a free refund. Or you can receive a free tip-over restraint kid and can request a one-time free in-home installation of the kit.

The recall is for three hundred ten thousand of different colors of the drawers. To see a complete list of the drawers and the recall information click HERE.

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