Do you remember the magic of Christmas when you were 3 years old? I asked my 3-year-old cousin about the holiday and what she knows.

Seraphina is three years old. She is very smart but also has an incredible imagination. I recently asked her to explain Thanksgiving where we learned about how the Queen was mad and wanted the pilgrims to "stay in my world."

Well, for the Christmas season, I decided to ask her about a holiday that she knows a little bit more about- Christmas. This is probably going to be the first Christmas she really remembers. Based on Christmas movies and what she's been learning in school, she talks about Santa, what she wants for Christmas, how much Christmas presents cost, and what happens if you're naughty.

The Christmas season, outside of religion, is all about the magic and joy of children. Seeing this season outside of presents and money and through a three-year-old's eyes is really magical.

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