A new Food Network reality series will feature three Lake George area restaurants when it debuts in June.

The Food Network has a new reality competition series called 'Summer Rush' set to premiere on Thursday, June 4th at 10pm and the first 4 episode run of the show will feature the Foy family and the 3 great restaurants they run in the Lake George area: Chateau On the Lake, Diamond Point Grille and Cate's Italian Garden. The show will follow the 3 eateries as they navigate the crazy summer season in Lake George.

Food Network President Courtney White told Broadway World "...the series showcases the unvarnished reality of the summer season as well as the incredible bond one family can maintain even while competing against each other for business." Based on that quote, this show will be more about friendly competition between the Foy's, and not necessarily a reality show anyone wins. From the description, we can count on getting an inside look into what goes on behind the scenes for these restaurants making their way through the super competitive summer season in Lake George. It should be very interesting!

I just love the fact that some local eateries and operators will once again be getting some love from the Food Network. And in a season when we may not be spending as much time eating out in Lake George, it will be nice to relive a little of that 'Summer Rush' through this show and the various obstacles the Food Network says the Foy's will face running these restaurants.

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