It's not everyday you see horses roaming lawns and cause traffic back ups in Malta.

Someone needs to get these horses booked in a Saratoga race now, because they are ready to roll!

According to a Daily Gazette report, 3 horses escaped a farm in Malta today and were roaming the streets. The Gazette says they were loose for about an hour in the East High Street area. The good news is the horses were eventually roped without incident by a local horse owner. You can see the Daily Gazette's amazing photos here.

It's funny we see horses all the time in the area, but seeing them in these settings is just so odd. Let's be honest, it's not everyday you pull up to a traffic light and there is a horse next to ya! The funny thing is, for the State Police this is nor unsual.  A spokesperson told the Gazette it really is not uncommon for officers to deal with these types of situations.

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