Wow - aren't you kids lucky.  You get to take not one, but 2 -yes, 2 Regents exams! 

According to the,  Capital Region kids who took algebra this year will have to take a Common Core version of the exam and then (in certain schools), you will also have to take the Integrated Algebra Regents.  I guess in the others it's an option.

OK, call me stupid - but isn't the Regents exam a standardized test in itself? Why the hell (excuse me) do you need ANOTHER test administered by the same people?

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Again, call me stupid, but If you got your car inspected by the state, and then told that you have to also get your car, uhhhh inspected by the state right after that  (same people), wouldn't you start yelling?

Can someone explain this to me?  Why 2 tests?   Can someone clue me in?