I love this story, mostly because I know that at just about every wedding that has ever happened (as long as they are not related) people always take pictures of the ring bearer and flower girl and say, "Awww they are so cute , imagine if they actually got married to each other one day?" Well we all know that NEVER happens , until now.

Seventeen years ago when they were just  five years old, Brooke and Adrian were the flower girl and ring bearer at a wedding in Gastonia, North Carolina. Adrian admits that he didn't even like her at the time and was very put off by the fact that he had to walk down the isle with her while Brooke thought he was cute. Brooke said they went to the same school together and she was always trying to talk to him but he just wasn't interested. Adrian changed his mind when they reached middle school and they have been a couple ever since.

Here is the best part they started to date each other at about age 13 or 14 but NEITHER one of them even remembered they had been in a wedding together when they were five. Someone who was at the wedding years ago brought photos of them when they were kids in the exact same church they were getting married in.

Love it.