If you are a fan of all Disney shows and movies, this may be a contest for you. You have a chance to win $1000 if you can binge-watch a ton of Disney. Here's how. According to FoxBusiness.com, a company called Reviews.org is going to pay five Disney fans one thousand dollars each to watch thirty Disney movies or shows in thirty days. This is to coincide with the new Disney Plus streaming service that launches November 12th.

Now you just have to show that you are an ultimate Disney fan. You must tell about yourself through a few simple questions and submit a video review of your all-time favorite Disney movie.

If you are selected, you will get the Disney movie-watching kit that includes a Mickey-themed blanket, a Disney-themed popcorn maker and four Disney cups. There is a list of Disney movies and shows to choose from, more information, and to apply click HERE. Winners will be announced through the Reviews.org Youtube channel on November 8th.

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