The Lake George Ice Castles burst onto the scene last winter here in Upstate NY, and they were primed for even more success in year number two.

But uncooperating milder North Country weather has dampened the spirits of those who wanted to see the magical formations - which unfortunately have been canceled far to often this year.

Photo: Lake George Ice Castles
The popular Lake George Ice Castles will be back for a second season, and with it, some exciting new additions.

What's new in year #2?

According to a post in the Glens Falls Chronicle, the Ice Castles will be "expanded and enhanced" in year two, and some of the major additions include,  "an ice bar, whimsical winter characters for meet-and-greets, and new light features….So there will be something new for both adults and kids alike."

"The walk-through structure, built by hand from sculpted icicles by the “ice artists,” features LED-lit frozen thrones, ice-carved tunnels, slides, fountains, sculptures and private “ice rooms” to rent." - Glens Falls Chronicle

BRRR-MAID! Brave Mermaid Takes Pics at Ice Castles on Lake George

How do you get tickets?

Ticket prices start at $22 for adults and $15 for children ages 4-11. Prices vary depending on when you go - and weekday prices are a little bit cheaper than weekend prices.  For more ticket info and to purchase tickets click here. 

Need to Exchange Tix for the Ice Castles? It Comes with a Price!


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Now, let's get to the food!  Where should you eat while you're in Lake George visiting the Ice Castles?

There's no shortage of really good, reasonably priced restaurants for you and your family to enjoy while you're visiting the Ice Castles in Lake George.

From breakfast, lunch, and dinner to simple, casual, and a little classy, here are 10 places that have solid reviews, are reasonably priced, and have really good food.  Oh, and they're also really close to the magical Ice Castles!

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From breakfast, lunch, and dinner to simple, casual, and a little classy, here are 10 places that have solid reviews, are reasonably priced, and have really good food. Oh, and they're also really close to everything in the heart of Lake George Village!

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