Dunkin' Donuts is getting ready to trim back on the donut flavors they offer, which could affect your favorite donut here in the Capital Region.That's right. Dunkin' Donuts is getting ready to cut back on the varieties of donuts they offer, according to a TODAY show report. By the end of this month most Dunkin' locations will only be offering 20 different donuts, while some will still have 24 selections. Most locations currently offer around 30 different donuts.

A Dunkin' rep told TODAY they have already seen a boost in business in markets where they have 'streamlined menus' and focused on signature drinks. the TODAY article did say local menus will be customizable based on regional tastes and preference. So, there would be a core group of donuts and here in the Capital Region if there are certain popular flavors they want to remain they will still be available.

All I know is they better not mess with my blueberry cake donuts. I could eat those all day everyday!!

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