It's hard to imagine losing one member of our family but can you imagine losing 17 members of your friends and family in one night? Bethany can, she lived it. Bravely, she came to our Hometown Hello stop on Thursday to share her story for the first time.

Every month, we've been stopping at a Dunkin Donuts somewhere in the Capital Region just to say hello, broadcast the show live, and meet the amazing people to listen everyday. This recent one was different, though, this recent one was in Amsterdam. Just two months after the horrific crash that rocked the Capital Region, we couldn't ignore it. We reached out for anyone who may want to share their story, a way to learn about the victims in a time when their names were starting to get overshadowed by trials and blame. That's when we heard from Bethany.

Bethany and her husband Tom were supposed to be in that limo that day, but weren't because of unforeen circumstances. Tom lost his four sisters in that crash and both he and Bethany also lost countless friends, their kids lost aunts and uncles, and for the first time, she bravely decided to share her story.

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