Your favorite coffee and donut shop could be looking a little different in the near future.

Now before you get concerned the jelly donut may be disappearing from Dunkin' Donuts, press the brakes.

According to the Times Union, Dunkin' Donuts is in the process of going through a re-branding and is opening new shops that are just called 'Dunkin.' The new locations will still be serving donuts! The company has been using the shortened name in advertising and this seems like an effort to align the name with their marketing.

The Times Union article says the first location with the shortened name will be unveiled in Quincy, Massachusetts (Just outside of Boston) tomorrow.

At this point, no plan has been announced to re-brand our local Dunkin' Donuts locations here in the Capital Region, but you have to imagine that could be part of the coffee chains long term plans. Just as long as they keep the actual donuts, I think we are all good with the sorter name!

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