I received a call about a bottle drive that’s taking place on Saturday, August 2, and it’s to raise funds for research for Mitochondrial Disease.

Mito Warrior’s Platoon

The young Fultonville resident is Ethan Allen and a couple of years ago, he was diagnosed with Complex Stage Four Mitochondrial Disease, and now he’s going to do something very special. Ethan will be walking at the Mito Action Walk in Boston on September 14.

This is where you can help him out. On Saturday, August 2 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., you can bring your bottles and cans to the Patty and Joe Lapan Bottle Return, at 23 Main Street in Fultonville. This to help raise money for Ethan’s participation for Ethan’s Mito Action walk team – ‘Mito Warrior’s Platoon.’  There’s also going to be a bake sale for the cause.

A website has been set up so you can also be a virtual walker, or even join Ethan at the walk. There’s also a telephone number that you can call about the bottle drive – 518-844-9558.

There's also a link on our events page.