Why?  Can someone tell me WHY bullying has continued in such a big way?  When you hear this boy's story, it will stop you in your tracks.

His name is Caine Smith.  I'm not sure where he is from, and maybe it's better that we keep that anonymous.  The most important thing to know about the story is that he too has been a victim of cruel and inhumane bullying in his school.

This YouTube video was sent to me by a concerned teacher in the area, Tracy Trainor, of Menands Elementary School, who I've worked with in the past in conjunction with my school program.  Thanks for sending.  It's definitely worth sharing to see what this kid has done to show his incredible courage.

We need to keep spreading the message to stop this madness.  Would you like to hear a song that kids in 5 different counties collaborated on to help the "cause"?

If you'd like more information about bullying and what to do about it, visit Sage College's Academy For Character Education website.  It's a fantastic resource.

Good luck, Caine, and keep fighting the good fight!