For all you house hunting buffs out there, there's a very cool site that I'm going to turn you on to - it's called Top Ten Real Estate  You wouldn't believe some of the listings they have.  Celebrities' homes, historically significant homes - you name it.  Here's just one:

from Top Ten Real Estate


It's conveniently located on the James River down in Virginia on the James River.  You might need a heavy duty John Deere tractor though.  It comes with 4,500 acres of land.  The farm has been in continuous operation since Thomas Jefferson owned it!  It has, according to the description

14 farm structures, including a horse stable, two-story brick mule barns, a dairy barn, wood and metal frame buildings for storage of farm equipment and three grain elevators. There are also 11 tenant homes on the property for staff or guests.

You can find a full description right here at their website.


What a nice summer get away that you can own RIGHT NOW.  The auction date is June 26th, or sooner if you have the cash.  Could you imagine?  Talk about a conversation starter at parties.  You could serve dinner with replicas of the Constitution on placemats.

Every guest that comes in would be required to wear a powdered wig!  Thiink of the possibilities!  Would you buy it if you had the money?