As you may know this Friday morning the "Sean and Richie Show' will be broadcasting live 5:30 - 9:00 am, at Schag-A-Val, in Schaghticoke. It's all part of the "Small Town Tour" that we do twice a year, a chance to get out and meet some of the listeners who are the backbone of our radio station.

While I would love for all of you to make plans to come down, I realize that it just doesn't fit into every schedule so I thought of a fun way that you can contribute to the show just like you were there. I want you to help me with a segment I'm calling , "You know you're from..."

Its easy, you know the jokes like "You know you are from upstate N.Y. ,.... if you think spring starts in June. Or , "you know you're from Upstate N.Y. if you owe more on your snowmobile than your car". That is what I'm looking for but with Schaghticoke as the theme.

I'll give you a couple and then I need you to come up with a few for me to use on the air the morning of the "Small Town Tour".

1. You know you're from Schaghticoke... if you can spell it!

2. You know you're from Schaghticoke... if you have watched a parade featuring the "Dairy Princess"

See how this works? Now you give me some and then listen this Friday morning to hear them on the air! Be nice now, this is all in fun and we are CELEBRATING the fine folks that make up the small towns in out area.