Is 'Elf' your favorite Christmas movie or are you a cotton-headed ninny muggins? Well, if it is, you can put yourself into Buddy's world and stay at this 'Elf'-themed hotel suite!

'Elf' is one of the most popular Christmas movies of all time and now, you can put yourself in the movie by spending some time in this 'Elf'-themed hotel suite in New York City.

In the 2003 movie, Buddy does whatever he can to bring Christmas cheer wherever he can by making snowflakes all over the store, eating various kinds of candy for breakfast, and singing Christmas carols everywhere. You can live the same with this new option with Club Wyndham.

According to Insider, Club Wyndham is the world's largest vacation and ownership exchange company, and they're trying to bring the same Christmas cheer with a similar backdrop in New York City. You usually have to be a member to stay in one of their rooms but they're opening this room up to the public throughout the holiday season.

The cheer starts right at the door, that's decorated like Buddy's famous green suit and the opening line of the movie. Once you walk in, you're greeting with a ceiling covered in paper snowflakes, a life-sized soldier, a giant candy cane, a pile of presents, and a large Christmas tree.

The suite hosts four guests and also features a kitchen with Buddy-approved snacks. The bathroom even has complimentary "snowball" bath bombs! The suite is available from December 2nd through the 20th, but call soon, the dates will fill up fast at just $399 per night.


And, just because this is one of the best parts of the movie...

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