Really.  I always knew you could buy just about anything on good old Ebay, but not this.

Olympics Day 7 - Shooting Gold Medal

These guys got their medals the hard way - they earned them.  Apparently, however, you can get your own even though you haven't rowed, dived, or spiked a volleyball professionally.

According to an article on, these little trinkets are available on Ebay.  In fact, according to the article, there are 5 million items on there (not all GOLD medals, mind you).  But you can find the gold medals from the Berlin games for sale, for example, and some of the starting prices are pretty darn reasonable.

If interested, check out the ebay link right here.  If you do buy one, take a picture and send it to me at  Better yet, bring it in.  I want to wear it!

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