I'm Jess and I'm a huge tech nerd. When I heard the Super Nintendo Classic was going back on sale, I couldn't wait. The day is finally here and this is how you can get one of this year's highly anticipated Christmas presents.

Starting today you can get the Super Nintendo Classic at Best Buy and lines already started as early as this morning, according to News10ABC. The Super Nintendo Classic isn't exactly like that system you remember, it's preloaded with 21 games from the past.

Last year's NES Classic sold out incredibly quickly and eventually ended up on eBay for astronomical prices. Best Buy started handing out tickets at 7AM for however many systems they have. It's first come, first sold. The store opens at 10AM and regardless of tickets, I'm sure there will be a crazy dash to the retro system.

No promises there will be any left but it's worth a call to Best Buy to see, or chance it on eBay.

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