I was reminded by Mrs. Toher yesterday upon visiting this school that it is my 5th appearance there.  Hopefully I'm not wearing out my welcome, but I always enjoy the kids at Yates Magnet School.  This visit was no exception

photo by Yates Elementary

These 3rd graders came to "party" and sing (and dance too).  They are also really into technology, by the way.  In fact, so is everyone's favorite reindeer - Rudolph.  In fact, he got Santa to buy a Garmin to guide his sleigh!

Here's their parody, and a very clever one at that.

mp3 version (right click here, kids to download and save)

 Lyrics to Rudolf The High Tech Reindeer 

      Rudolf the High Tech Reindeer had a shiny light up pen 

      and an XBox 360 so he could play some games again 

      All of the other reindeer, said it really was a shame 

     Rudolf had all the fun apps, and all they had were reindeer games 

     Then one foggy Christmas eve, Santa came to say 

      Rudolf with your shiny pen, won't you drive my sleigh again 

      We are the Yates 3rd graders - and we shouted out with glee 

      Rudolf the rednosed reindeer has all the cool technology 

Oh, did I mention that they can dance too?  And they love country music to boot ! Here's their version of "Cotton Eyed Joe!"

Thanks again to Mrs. Toher,  Mr. Flanders, the principal and all the kids.  Have a great holiday to all !