So I was at one of the great schools in the Capital Region - Greenwich High School.  I went there to record a song with the kids. They were great!  However, one girl showed some extra initiative, and she deserves her own article here.  She also gave me an idea...

Her name is Olivia Snell. She's a seventh grader there.  As soon as I came into the room, she began rattling off rhymes that she had in her notebook.  I was impressed, to say the least.

One of them especially caught my attention.  She wrote us a jingle!  At the conclusion of the class I asked her to record it for me.  She did it in a total of two takes! Amazing, and a great voice to boot.

Nice job, Olivia.  And now for my idea.  Send me your song -  it must be 30 seconds or less.  You can record just your voice if you wish into your phone and send me the file, or record it elsewhere and email it to  Show us your 'GNA pride in song, like Olivia did!


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