So Bethany brought her very cute son Turner into the station this morning, and he was holding something that put me into immediate flashback mode.  Did YOU have one of these? I sure did.  I Loved, loved, LOVED the Etch-a-Sketch.  And got me to thinking...

My first thought upon seeing this very popular toy from The Ohio Art Company was this -

Holy macarel - the Etch-a-Sketch was the original iPad!  And thinking about it,  it was just as much fun if not MORE  because you had nothing to compare it to.

turner with etch a sketch
photo by Richie Phillips

"Boy Genius' Turner holding his Etch-A-Sketch

What was more shocking to me, and heartwarming to boot, was the fact that they haven't changed the design one bit since the late 1950's.

I watched Turner's expression trying to draw a house, and he was really into the whole experience of turning the knobs and working on his dexterity.  He seemed to be having just as much fun as if he was playing a video game as far as I could see.

Hey, I LOVE all the latest technology, and I won't apologize for it. But there is definitely something to be said for the days when everything was so much more simple and straight forward.  It was really refreshing to see that toy again.

Thanks, Turner.  Keep working with that fun little retro tablet.  Maybe you'll be able to write your name with it one day.   (I used to be able to do that, so I gave it a shot)

Etch a Sketch
photo by Richie Phillips

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