I was reading an article on the Times Union and just realize that I will be one of the lucky ones traveling on the worst possible day for the 4th of July holiday. People who know me, know that I will offer to drive and prefer to drive anywhere we go. But, like most of us, there is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic. This weekend we will make the four and a half hour trek to Buffalo for the holiday. As much as I love Buffalo, I hate that drive. Now to top it all off, I just read that the day we are leaving, this Friday, June 30th, is the worst day to travel by car.

Is it going to deter me from going? Of course not. Will it most likely make a four and a half hour trip into a seven hour trip? Highly likely.

The only saving grace is that I also read that the day we will be traveling back, is one of the best days to do so. (July 3rd). Oh great, I will get home faster which means my vacation is over sooner.

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