A Michigan woman going through her mail found $1 Million dollars! Well, kind of!I am sure we all do it all the time. We buy that lotto ticket, put it away and wait for the numbers. Sometimes you check it, sometimes you wait until it’s reported where the winning ticket was sold. So, you just keep the ticket until you have time to check.

Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches $500 Million
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Well, I am not that person. I look instantly, sometimes I am watching with my ticket in hand while the numbers are being drawn. Even then I don’t throw it away, you know, in case the numbers change and I win. Well, I digress.

So, back to the Michigan woman. So she heard that there was a winning ticket sold at the same place she bought hers, so she went back to her house and checked the pile of mail and BAM..she who won a $1 million.

I have to go now and check my mail pile! I hope this happens to me!


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