I see people buy these tickets all of the time. I never seem to have much luck. I was surprised to see that there are tips available online.

I just read a fascinating story and it got me thinking about this question.

We all hear about when people win the  big jackpots. Of course that is always news worthy. The stories with these winnings are usually remarkable.

From a News 9 in Denver, a homeless man recently hit some hard times and was living in a homeless shelter until his luck turned around and he won a whopping $65,000 from the lottery.

In the grand scheme of things it seems it seems like it's nearly impossible to win.

I was surprised to see that there was actually a how to page here.

According to SavingMoney.com, here a few tips on how to win the scratch off lottery.

- Buy tickets from stores that don't have a lot of customers

- Pay attentions to see if the specific lotto game has already had a big winner

- Check your state lotto's home page and pay close attention to the odds. New York's page can be found here.

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