If you bought a Power Ball ticket at Hannaford on Wolf Road, you may want to check your ticket again!

New York State Lottery officials announced that a winning ticket from Saturday's Powerball drawing was purchased at Hannaford, located at 96 Wolf Road.  The ticket is worth $50,000.

Photo by Tim Boyle, Getty Images
Photo by Tim Boyle, Getty Images

Pass this along to your friends and family so they can check their tickets too!  I can imagine that lots of people were out shopping Saturday as they prepared for the snow storm that came our way on Sunday, and why not buy a ticket while you were out?!  Now, I don't know when the ticket was bought, but the drawing was Saturday February 11th. Remember, this is a third place prize, so you don’t have to match all the numbers.  The winning numbers are: 05-09-17-37-64 and Powerball 02.

And don’t worry, if you realize you have the ticket after reading this, you don’t have to give me a cut.  I mean if you WANT to, I won’t stop you!  All kidding aside, congratulations to the winner!!

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