It's that time again! The Powerball jackpot is up to $485 MILLION DOLLARS!

So, this begins the "what would I buy?"  "Would I still work?" "Would I buy a bigger house?"  "Would I give money to my family?"

Oh the stress of wondering what I would do IF I ever won the Powerball!  Anyone doing an office pool I can join?  Please?

Bottom line is this, I would absolutely still work, and buy a bigger house - in the BAHAMAS, and I would give my friends and everyone in my family some cash!  Totally I would!  Therefore, you should all be pulling for me to win.  I'm going to change the world with $450 Million!

Getty Images
Getty Images

OK, OK, I know you all want to win for yourselves....just remember if you win, I was going to give you some cash!  If you want some more info on the Powerball, check out my tips to you! 

Can you imagine if someone from the Capital Region wins?  I hope so, and I hope you share!

What is the very first thing you would do if you won?  Pay off bills, buy a house, go on a vacation?  I mean the VERY FIRST.  I would claim my cash and book a trip to vegas.

The drawing is Wednesday February 11th.  Get your tickets and good Luck!

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