When I'm in a mall, I feel like the store is going to get robbed long before I am. I'm not usually carrying any cash anyway. Well, this woman used her children to end up with a wallet full of $800!

According to security footage, a woman was seen in Colonie Center holding some item from the store Artique. While the woman's children asked for help finding something, starting dropping toys all around the store and that's when she utilized the opportunity. The woman reached behind the register and stole a wallet with $800 inside.

The worst part was that the store was pretty busy and she was unable to check her purse until much later when she said it felt lighter and that's when she noticed her wallet was gone.

The owner printed out pictures of the suspects and is handing them out, posting them around so they can be caught. According to WTEN, "Colonie Police say they are also looking into the incident and they want to take a closer look at the video and ask anyone with information to come forward."

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