The latest grocery store addition to Route 50 in Wilton is ready to open its doors.

Aldi has announced that their new grocery store, located on Route 50 in Wilton right near Lowe's,  will open for business this Thursday, November 12th. The new store will be open Monday through Sunday from 9am to 8pm.

So why shop at Aldi's versus other supermarkets?  From what my wife and I Stacy have gathered, Aldi is a great destination for affordable, quality produce and meats. But this could end up being one of those good destinations if you like to mix up your shopping in an effort to save money. In our house, we have always wanted to try bouncing from market to market in an effort to save money, but we just never have the time to put it into motion. I know many of my friends who do this every week, and the savings really add up every month. I just don't know how they make the time!

Now if you would like to try this, financial guru Dave Ramsey has some great ways you can save on groceries by hitting up different stores. And he actually lists Aldi among the cheapest grocery stores! Dave's big suggestion is checking the weekly sales fliers for all your local stores, then hitting them each up to fulfill your food needs to save money.

If you want to give Aldi a shot, they have several other Captial Region stores including Colonie, Clifton Park, and Glenville.

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