Recently Rob Carmel, the talented pit master at Rollin' Smoke Handcrafted BBQ in Halfmoon, posted photos of the most amazing beef ribs I have ever seen.  Looking for some feedback on these bad boys, Carmel posted the photos to a local food blog and  almost immediately there was a steady stream of positive comments flooding the page.  Marveling at their size, texture and bark, most of the foodies wanted to know how they could get their hands on them.

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But then the online conversation took a bit of a turn.  While discussing the incredibly rich flavor crust  - or "bark" as it's called -  someone asked what color the beef ribs were.  BOOM.  It's "the dress" all over again but in the form of ribs from a local pit boss.

Take a look at this photo and tell us what color you think the flavor crust, or bark, is:

There seems to be some disagreement about the color of the flavor crust on these beef ribs. Some only see blue, while others only see a dark charcoal color. It's the dress all over again, except with smoked meat
Photo: Rollin' Smoke BBQ Halfmoon

Rob Carmel, owner of Rollin Smoke told me that he literally does not see the blue hue, but his wife Amy clearly sees the blue color, but only after it was brought to her attention.  Carmel says he smoked these particular ribs for 12 hours using only salt, pepper and garlic powder and has zero clue how or why they appear...well, blue.

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