Here we go, first it was the celebrities photos and now everyone's?

This is a scary story that is trending right now. It would seem that there may be hundreds of thousands of pictures and videos that may have been leaked from a site called which promised users the opportunity to save photos sent on Snapchat rather than have them disappear as the service intends. The site, apparently used users sign in info to actually get and save all the images that the user posted.

Getty Images
Getty Images

This event has even been given an on-line nickname, "the Snappening." So to be clear if you used and only used Snapchat you should be safe. However if you used it in conjunction with odds are your images and or videos may already be public. There is also an APP called, Snapsave which is not affiliated with the internet version which has NOT been effected by the "hackers."

Now if you are a person who loves to see photos and videos that were not intended for you to see, or if you want to see if your friends were effected you should take not of this pretty serious warning: Many of these photos may be of underage individuals and the downloading and/or viewing of them could very well be an enforceable crime.

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