Have you ever thought about Google Street View? All anyone has to do is type in your address and they can know what your house looks like unless you hide it.

There is a warning before you go about hiding your house, know that once it's hidden, it's nearly impossible to get the house unblurred. There was one person on Reddit whose house is blurred because the previous owner requested it and now there's nothing they can do.

The best part is, if you want your house to be a little more private, it's really easy to do! Find your house on Google Maps/Street View and "Report a Problem." Just click the three dots on the upper left of the view. On there, you can either request that they blur the area you select (car, face, license, or home) or change the address if it's incorrect.

The Daily Dot is also reporting that over 1 billion people use Google Maps every year. The chances that many are looking at your house specifically are rare but if you're still uncomfortable, at least there's a way to fix it!

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