A new cyberattack has hit the country and some of the places affected are here in the Capital Region. Have you been hit?

DiBella's sub shops all over, including those in the Capital Region, were hit with a "highly sophisticated" cyber attack, according to the Times Union. If you have been to any DiBella's sub shop between March 22 and Dec. 28, 2018, check your credit and debit card bills.

Hackers were specifically looking for credit card and debit card data to gain access to utilize the accounts, more so than stealing identities, it seems. DiBella's said they heard about the breach in 2018 and notified customers but based on how this story is trending, it seems as if many people didn't know.

Authorities say that "information from as many as 305,000 credit and debit cards may have been obtained" but there's no way to know the entire extent of the attack. Hackers could have gotten credit/debit card numbers, names, expiration dates, and security numbers. Also, even though it seems like this attack was awhile ago, keep an eye out on your bills if you think you're at risk. They may be waiting to use some of the information, you best bet is you change your cards if you're weary. Those with further questions can call 866-807-7469.

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