You usually hear of personal computers being attacked, someone clicked on the wrong link. Now, your information could be in danger thanks to a virus at the Albany Mayor's Office.

The Albany Mayor's Office is investigating a ransomware attack on their computers. They've released a statement on the Mayor's Twitter on Saturday, saying: "The City of Albany has experienced a ransomware cyber attack. We are currently determining the extent of the compromise. We are committed to keeping you informed and will provide updates as they become available."

According to WTEN, there isn't much of an update to report. All we know is that it was ransomware but nothing is being reported on where it came from, who it was, or even if it was meant for the Mayor's office or if that was coincidence. The Times Union is reporting the same. So far, the city is just trying to see the extent of the damage and what types of information were affected and will keep you updated.

Ransomware means that someone takes files from your computer and then asks for money in return for returning them.

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