It's been said that Americans suffer from a "live for today" mentality.  We go thru something like this hurricane, we get through it, and we move on and forget about it, as if it was just some freak of nature that will never happen again.  Well, I don't know about you, but I've learned a valuable lesson.




Our house was sadly unprepared.  If there was something serious with long term implications, we'd be "up the creek without......ahhh..sorry... bad choice of words".   Let's put it this way-there were toys laying on top of  our sump pump from when my son was a kid.  He's 20 years old now.  Mybad!

Here are just a couple of things that I consider necessities Now.  I found this Shake Flashlight on that you just shake and it works. No batteries necessary. Haven't tried it yet.  Purchase at your own risk.  But it looks like a great idea.




How about soup?  A very simple idea.  Just buy a case of it and put it in the basement.   We had about 4 cans.Not anywhere near enough in case something major happens like this.  It can't hurt to think a little bit ahead, although being a world class procrastinator, I always think to myself "I can always get to the store if I see something coming this way".  Well, sometimes it doesn't work that way, so we've learned.





And last but certainly not least, I think I'm going to (at some point soon) invest in a generator.  I was surprised at the different price ranges.  You can get a basic one like this for under $500.00  Hey, noone wants to shell out money for something you're going to use maybe once a year, but it's a nice insurance policy.  I saw this Sportsman's generator on

Hope this serves as a little reminder about the importance of being prepared. without being too "Captain Obvious".  Be safe out there!