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For Albany area residents there is a touch of a silver lining with Sandy as the National Weather Service in Albany has stated that we should see more wind rather than rain when Sandy hits late Monday  and early Tuesday. Irene dumped around six inches of rain on the area but Sandy is expected to only bring between one and two inches. 

The Times Union, in an interview with Meteorologist Hugh Johnson said that the fact that the Albany area is mostly in a valley will help hold off a great deal of that precipitation but just to our south in the Catskills will see more rain.

We are expecting plenty of power outages though - with wind comes downed trees, and with those come downed wires.

Winds will be noticeable Monday morning around 30 MPH as we head into work with those winds strengthening to around 60 MPH by the time we head home from work on Monday. The heaviest of the wind will occur overnight Monday into Tuesday morning.

Widespread flooding isn't anticipated on the scale that we saw with Irene but the Hudson River will see a significant rise from the storm surge. The storm will push water back up the Hudson and thus the runoff will hit that.

The Wall Street Journal has a very visual comparison of Irene and Sandy if you're interested in comparing the two storms.