The fidget spinner fad has now hit our house at full throttle. Ryan is obsessed with these little gadgets. Originally they were said to be used for children with ADHD to help them focus at school. Now they are banned from most classrooms.When I was younger, we had Rubix cubes some of them so small they were on key chains. They were all the rage. I don't think anyone equated them with helping to focus, but there came a time when they too were banned from our school.

Now Ryan is only six and we all know the attention span of kids in that age group. I figure this fidget spinner craze will last no longer than a month. Here's the thing, it's not just for kids in Kindergarten, it's for kids of all ages. I found myself using it as a stress reliever so much so that Ryan asked to have them back so he could play with his own.

Chrissy, Townsquare Media

Who knows? Maybe this will be a quick passing phase, or maybe just last long enough that when Ryan looks back on his childhood, he can have fond memories of having a fidget, like I do when I think of the Rubix cube.

What fad were you obsessed with? Do you think this one will last?