Okay this is a weird post for me to write as I do not wear stiletto heels, but it came up on the show this morning and the listeners had great suggestions as always. I assure you this is NOT an advertisement. We were talking about life hacks and saving money and Bethany mentioned she really would love to get new tips put on her stiletto boots because she is walking on wood when she wears them. I imagine if she is having this trouble, more than likely a lot of women in the Capital Region are as well. Perhaps the whole idea of a "bootery" may be new to some other folks as well.

Bethany joked that maybe she should find a cobbler and  more than a few people suggested a place called Delmar Bootery. Bootery? I know I never heard of one either and neither has the spell check on my computer, but I guess they have been around for a long time and there is located in the Stuyvesant Plaza and comes very recommended by our callers. I imagine there are others in the Capital Region but this is the one that kept getting mentioned on the phone.

Their Facebook page also had some raving reviews and of the store they posted, "For over half a century, the Leonardo family have been leaders in creating innovative methods for leather treatment, footwear repair, waterproofing, and sales of the world’s finest quality leather products and leather shoes for men and women.

Over time, the Leonardo family’s diverse talents have grown, experimenting with various types of leather processing, services, and treatments."

I hope this helps and your favorite footwear can live on and on and on and on.



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