In case you missed it on Tuesday morning, Love Cowboy wanted to talk about "420."
Here's what went down in the studio with Brian and Chrissy in the morning, on GNA.
Love Cowboy: Guys, I don't know if you all do anything on 420 but now that Cuomo's making weed legal, he wants people to start calling him "King Cabbage."
Brian and Chrissy: No he doesn't - nobody's calling him "King Cabbage."
Love Cowboy: That's not what I heard.  Watch the presser today....he's "King Cabbage" now.  Speaking of his pressers, he's got another one today at "high noon." 
Brian and Chrissy: Some of that might be true...Cuomo's not allowing the media at these have you seen that.
Love Cowboy: Cheech and Chong are the only one's allowed to ask questions.
And take a look at the Empire State Plaza tonight...they gonna change NY TOUGH  to NY TOKES.
Check out the rest of the segment including Love Cowboy's own unique definitions of "420 terms" right here:

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