A quiet residential street in Albany where you can find baseball fields and nearby playgrounds has become a highway of hell for one local family and those that live near them.  In the last three years, "dips" in the road combined with the high speed of travelers has resulted in at least 4 crashes with cars careening out of control, slamming into parked cars.  Just last week, video of the 4th crash in recent years surfaced.  It's early in the afternoon and multiple pedestrians are relatively close by going about their day.   Judging by what I'm able to see in this video alone, it's fortunate that nobody has been seriously hurt, or even killed.

Dated March 27th, home security camera video from Jonathon Sarkies shows his brand new SUV smashed when a speeding car loses control on Woodlawn Ave, between Glenwood and West Erie St. in Albany.  He shared the video and story on an Albany reddit thread looking for some advice on how he could approach the city to make some changes that would improve safety.  He claims that the city is planning on making it a safer street by July of this year.

You can see that moments before the speeding car plowed through his driveway, another car on the road comes to a stop and and manages to get out of the way.  Moments later, the speeding car enters the frame, plowing the Sarkies' front lawn, smashing into the rear of their parked SUV.  Sarkies estimates that the speed of the vehicle is approaching 70 MPH.

Woodlawn Ave

Sarkies, who has a 3-year-old daughter says that "she could have been killed today and my wife is scared to walk down our driveway."

Check out the video for yourself here:

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