I hope that most of you are still alive with your brackets this year. I myself find myself in the very unique position of still being able to have picked the Champion but not win my bracket because of points. UGH! Even though I can't win my brackets I will still be rooting for Wisconsin to win it all. Here is why I am not sure that will happen.

While I did have Wisconsin winning the tournament , in most of  the brackets that I picked them I did NOT have them going against Duke. In fact if there is any team that Wisconsin didn't want to see in this tournament , including the undefeated Kentucky team that they just beat, it would have to be Duke. I just think they match up very well to the talents of the Wisconsin team. Not to mention Duke beat them earlier this season,in Madison.

Can they beat a very talented and well coached Duke? I don't know but even with the failed brackets I know I will find myself rooting for them tonight, and I guess if pressed to answer I would even say , YES I think they will win.  My question to you is who do you think will win?

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