You may get a chuckle out of the thought of someone stealing some rubber ducks, but in this case, it's really not a laughing matter. Some thieves in Yorkville, Illinois have stole 2,500 rubber duckies, which they took from a police academy building of all places.

The Yorkville Citizen's Police Academy sells the rubber duckies for a few dollars each during an annual sale, with the proceeds going to buy equipment for the Yorkville Police Department.

Only this year, instead of reaping the financial benefits of the rubber duckies, the Yorkville Police are currently checking out leads and trying to track down the pilfered bath toys. If the person or persons are caught, they could be charged with a felony. I can hear the inmates talking about this one: "Why are you in here? For stealing rubber duckies?" They may want to keep the ducky thief in solitary confinement.

Since I could come up with a thousand bad jokes and references on this one, I'll refrain because there are enough puns in this video to make up for any of mine. Do you have any thoughts about where the rubber duckies might be?

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