I remember hearing or seeing a news story at some point in my past of a person becoming suddenly ill behind the wheel of their vehicle while driving on the Northway and the amazing way they got themselves to safety.

It freaked me out.

I can remember the feelings that I felt hearing that and imaging it was happening to me. How would I react? Would I be okay? What if the type of sick made it so I couldn't control anything for myself? What would happen then?

I know I'm good in situations where pressure is put on me to come up with a solution or help. Heck, growing up my Dad always said that for softball I always got a hit with a full count. But, what if I'm physically unable to do anything?

In Dixon, Illinois on Friday Randy Tompkins was driving through town and saw a car drifting into the median and oncoming traffic.  Tompkins spoke with saukvalley.com, ""I saw him come out from behind the traffic, and he almost hit me in my lane. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't realize he was having a seizure until he got to the intersection."

Imagine what the man behind the wheel must have been feeling, having no control and in traffic. So frightening.

What happened next was absolutely amazing and heroic. See how Tompkins reacted in the Police dashboard cam below. Please Note: The man behind the wheel having the seizure is going to be okay.


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