A police officer gave a woman a speeding ticket, and then he tracked her down and asked her to go out to dinner. This happened outside of Chicago, in Stickney, Illinois.

Stickney, Illinois

The woman, Evangelina Paredes, is filing a lawsuit against the officer, Chris Collins. The ticket was for $132 dollars, and she’s accusing the cop of violating her privacy, because found her address by searching motor vehicle records. After he found it, she alleges that he went to her apartment and left a handwritten note on her windshield, with the invite for a date.

In a story from AP, the lawsuit, which had the note was attached to, allegedly stated that "I did cost you $132 - least I can do is buy you dinner." She is also accusing him of suffering anxiety and great fear, because he found out her personal information and stalked her.

Paredes is also naming Joseph Ketch, the Stickney Police Chief in the lawsuit. There is no mention about the terms of and how much the lawsuit could be.

How do you feel about what the officer did? Remember, this is only one person, it’s not every officer.

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