Everyone Lies. We all know it's true but some people lie more than others and some people are way better at it. A new study says that on average people tell about 2 lies a day but some in your own family may be telling up to 5 a day and doing it better than you do.

It may not surprise you that is kids between 13 and 27 that lie the best and most often. This study by researchers at Amsterdam University actually hooked people of all ages to lie detectors and found that not only do the teenagers lie but they are very good at getting away with them. The researchers said that they are actually just "quicker on their feet" than adults due to their frontal lobes having not deteriorated yet.

I do have good news though you can trust them until they are ten. Kids aged 6 to 9 lie less than all the other groups and lets face it, 6 year olds don't lie very well.



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