Wednesday was our Secret Star Acoustic Jam and it was an absolutely amazing show. All of the performers were so incredibly talented and super down to earth. My favorite moment was backstage, though. It involved: Me, Parmalee and a ridiculous spelling bee.

Little known fact: I happened to be the spelling champ for the 4th grade of my elementary school back in the day.

Another little known fact: I bombed on the second word when I ended up with the older kids. No, I don't remember what the word was. It was simply stage fright. I was way too shy for that crap growing up!

Flash forward an undisclosed amount of years for my own egos protection and I found myself in yet another spelling bee. This time it was 4 against 1 and I don't know about you, but that seems just a little unfair. Home court advantage just wasn't a thing for this game.

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