Parmalee, ‘Sunday Morning’ [Listen]
There's a new darkness found on Parmalee's "Sunday Morning." The single is a love song that speaks of that easy, calming love so many crave, yet singer Matt Thomas leans into the storm before the calm like never before.
Hilarious Holiday Song
Jake Owen and his good friends Parmalee are getting into the Christmas spirit their own unique way. The boys released a video on Friday (Dec. 16) for a new song they've created, appropriately titled "Christmas Spirits."
Sean and Bethany Chat with ALL of WGNA’s Secret Stars [Watch]
As I was watching the performances during Wednesday night's Secret Star Acoustic Jam, it occurred to me, Sean and I have had the incredible opportunity to talk to all of the stars at one point or another!  We do get to talk to some pretty cool people doing this thing we call a "jo…
Secret Star Was Amazing! See What You Missed [PHOTOS & VIDEO]
This time around was a little different than my first Secret Star back in the Spring; 1) I was more adapted to my position here at GNA 2) I knew what to expect going in 3) I also knew the line up going in which was different for all of us this go around. It really allowed us to know just how big of …

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