This is an interesting game to predict. The Patriots seem unstoppable, but so don't the Falcons!

Now I'm not the betting type. If I was, this year would be so hard to put money on at least for me. Now I am a New York Giants fan and after seeing my team get manhandled by the Green Bay Packers I thought for sure they would have at least put up a fight against Matt Ryan and his Atlanta Falcons. But WOW! Not the case.

You also would have thought that the Steelers who seemed nearly untouchable to end out their 2016 season would have had a good run through the playoffs. Which I guess they did but Tom Brady and his Patriots were just a little too much to handle for Big Ben.

This is where everything becomes hard. Two teams, both seemingly unstoppable. Where does the Capital Region think the Lombardi Trophy will call home for Super Bowl 51?

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