In order to protect our identities, there are a few things that are the most important: birth certificate, social security number, and credit card numbers. Now, a White House adviser is exploring ways to get rid of one of those.

Especially after the incredible data breach of Equifax, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Rob Joyce feels that the social security number has "outlived its usefulness" according to They're thinking that our security should depend on more than just our name, birth date, and an identification number.

There's obviously an issue with security in this country, especially when most of what we depend on is online. Is getting rid of the social security number and replacing it with another form identification the answer? Maybe, but chances are someone will be able to get to that information eventually, too. Just imagining everything that would have to go into changing over a system we've had for so long seems a bit unnecessary. Our cyber safety is at risk, but is getting rid of the social security number the right way to protect it?

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