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How Obama Handles A Heckler In “His House” [VIDEO]
Hey, I don't care WHAT political party you represent.  Actually, you don't have to be a politician at all.  You could be a comedian, guest speaker, even radio personality (ahem)  Noone standing on a stage wants to be heckled.  There are a thousand ways to handle them. &…
Sophia Gets Invited to the White House [Watch]
Do you think it's time for a woman on US currency?  Little Sophia does!  She wrote a letter to President Obama with some ideas and he actually wrote her back!  In addition to writing her back, he invited her to the Easter Egg Roll yesterday...
Ricin Sent to Obama
The White House just held a press conference in which they confirmed that a letter addressed to President Obama has tested positive for richin. There is no indication that this letter is connected to the bombings in Boston.
Sugarland Being Sued & More in Casey’s Taste of Country
Sugarland is being sued by the estates of four people who died during the Indiana State Fair tragedy along with 44 other victims.   The complaint was filed Tuesday in Indianapolis by attorneys representing at least 20 law firms from Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

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